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Been there,
loved that™

All travelers have their favorite places somewhere in the world that they recall with joy, almost proud of having ‘been there’. Places that for some reason become special for them. That are always the first recommendation, when asked. Or that, somehow, they want to believe that were firstly discovered by them.


About us

We created Been There out of our desire to have high quality products that could remind us of our most fantastic traveling experiences.  
All our products are designed and produced in the European Union. We believe in fair trade and in a better world to live and travel, not just for us but also for the future generations.
Would you join this ride with us?

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Our logo shows exactly what Been there is about.
The X marks the spot where you've been and the heart 
reveals you loved it. Or the logo is the traveler, being the heart on top of the head – emotion beats rationality – and the bottom cross the arms and legs – let’s just go.
Or finally, the heart on top of the logo is also kind of a pointer, showing in the map with the cross where the ‘treasure’ – your treasure – is.


Been there™ mission is to develop, produce and commercialize high quality travelling related products that clients will have joy and proud to use, as will recall them that they have ‘been there’. Its vision is to be a global reference brand with which travelers would feel identified. Values are focus on customer needs and satisfaction; high standard ethical principles and integrity; clear communication and sustainability.

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Who are we?

We are a start-up company, established in 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, composed of a highly motivated team, headed by very qualified professionals with more than 20 years each of experience in the financial sector, marketing and communication and customers services in well-known multinational companies. All team share the passion for traveling and the interest for knowing new places and cultures, and this was the starting point for this adventure. Our ultimate goal is to become a reference brand for everyone who share these feelings with us.

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